Monday, September 19, 2011

Ice Hockey Bible Minsitry

Hey Guys!

I'm writing with a very special request - as most of you know, I am an avid hockey fan. Well - I have started a ministry this last season, where I have gotten to know a couple of the players, I had the privilage of getting to know them, and I have been given the oppurtunity to witness to them, send them Bible verses weekly, and buy them each a Bible. These couple players have told me how much I have encouraged them, and just by me telling them I'm praying for them, they have told me that they needed to hear that and were having a difficult day. They are opening up more and more all the time to the Word of God!

Well, I don't have a specific name for this unless you just want to call it, "Hockey Ministries"

I have a goal this year to buy each player on the Waterloo Black Hawks & Des Moines Buccaneers team a Bible. These guys need the Lord, and if no one shares the Word of God with them then they are going to hell. I want to be able to play that part in trying to get them to have a sweet relationship with Jesus Christ and to know Him!

But - I can't do that on my own. I'll need it least 23 Bibles, but including the Des Moines team, I'll need 46. Will you join with me in helping me win these guys to Jesus? You could play a big part in helping to grow the Kingdom of God!

So, I'm trying to get the word out as best as I can to try to raise money. I'm hoping to have enough by Christmas. So, I'm asking that you would please help me by donating some money to this cause. I have currently raised $150 dollars, and I need as much money as I can to get Bibles for both teams! Bibles definitely aren't cheap.

If you would like to donate please write me and I will give you more information if you would like, and addresses..etc..

Please be praying for these guys, and be praying about what God may want you to do to help me with this!

This is all about winning these guys for Jesus!

Thank you so much! And I appreciate all the help I can get! Also - I have currently raised $180!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

We went to visit Deanna for College Acquaintance Days

We went to go visit Deanna at Kentucky Mountain Bible College for there College Acquaintance days!
We rode down with some friends from IA! :)
Above: A friend gave us some cherished bottles of Ale8! It is a famous soda that is only sold in KY!
Our friend had a couple and gave them to us! YES!

The bunch of IA kids!
That's what we were known as at the College. "Iowa Kids"

Me listening to some 'Tenth Avenue North' on the way there!
Tori and our friend Hayley

'Tenth Avenue North'
Me and Tori

Some friends of ours played there harmonicas a little on the way there! It was great!
The van that we took!
:Left to Right: David, Kirk & Sara!

I thought this was HILARIOUS!

We are now at the college, we are doing games at college days! The event was called iLive.

The man that drove us up STEEP hills to the strip mines!

The LIFE SIZE candy land game!

People at the college made all of it! It looked SO cool!

Lake Frosting, which we had to walk through! :)

Chocolate Swamp!

We had to walk through this too!

they gave everyone cotton candy! :) (I was NOT prepared for this picture!)

We climbed over these.

Is this awesome or what?

People going through Lake frosting! it was way slippery!

The group of 'Iowa Kids!' we were team #5! we had a AWESOME counselor, Savanna!

going through the chocolate swamp! Our team came last, so we just walked through it 'cause the other teams finished the game before us! lol

This was GREAT! This lady painted these! They were fantastic!

Me and Tori with our big sis, Deanna, right after the choir concert, which she was apart of! :)

The group from IA!

Me and my sisters with, David, David, and Kirk!

guess what we happened to fit into our schedule...HIKING!

we climbed up these STEEP mountains, (without trails!) It was kinda crazy! I seriously thought I was going to go to heaven that day! No joke!

:left to right: Olivia, Hayley, and Me!

Olivia, Hayley, Tori and Me.

David and Kirk made a chair out of these 2 big rocks.

"I claim this rock!"


Ha ha! He carried them to our friends' house!

Hiking at a different place the next day!

About ready to go through Fat Mans Squeeze!
It was pretty tight!
On top of 'Natural Bridge' a big bridge that's natural! lol!
Needless to say, if you were to jump off, you would die! :)

That shows how high we were. you could either hike up, or take the ski lift. We hiked! :)

We are at a different part of our hike, if you look through the middle, that is the bridge we were standing on in the pictures above.

we went down these steep rock stairs, then had to go down a ton of regular stairs.
there were some broken ones, and Tori's leg broke through one! lol! Then we get to the end and this sign was there! lol

On our way home, we popped a tire!

Good times!

We were in a very nice town, our tire was getting fixed there. So we explored!

we had a lot of fun at the park! lol!

Well..That covers our trip! We had a FANTASTIC time!
I told you I was going to post soon! and I FINALLY did! :)

I'm pretty excited because our Iowa Holiness Association Camp is going to start June 13th!
So, it is coming up! Please pray for a good week!
God bless,