Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hey everyone,
Here are some pictures, of Kids Club, we do the children things at our church on Wednesday nights and we were doing a skit about Daniel! This picture cracks me up!
The Evil men, king, and Daniel...
with a lion!

Aubrie the lion!

Prinny didn't really like the mop head!

My friend Nikole spent the night, and we went in the snow ,Just had to throw that pic. in! I thought it was a good picture!
Also we had a teen Sunday school movie night on the 20Th!
So.. here are the pictures!!!
We had I think 17 or 18!

T.J. with his cotton ball moustache!
We had the teens put Vaseline on there nose, run down and see how many cotton balls they could get to stick onto there nose!

Making' sure none of the balls fall off!

This game, you had to balance a marshmallow on a spoon and run down and stick the marshmallow into a cup.

Amanda and Amber


Sitting around to watch a movie, Facing the Giants! We totally recommend!!


We had to run down and put all the clothes on and run back and take them all off!
Then the girls had to put on boy clothes, and the boys had to put on girls clothes!
Here, Austin is putting on the girls clothes!

Me ready for work!

Ashley, the pastors daughter.
Also, Deanna's 19Th birthday went GREAT!
Look on Tori's blog for pictures!


  1. Funny pictures! I like the one with the mustaches.

  2. Haha, cute pictures! It looks like you all had fun. And hey, we have the same layouts now ;0 Neat.


  3. Aubrie is a cute little girl! I like the picture of Deanna and your dad at the end, too!

  4. That was all so much fun! Aubrie made a wonderful lion! =)

  5. looks like you had fun! cute pictures... come check out my blog sometime

  6. Hi Nikki! I tagged you...check out my blog for details ;)

  7. I've given you a blog award! I think someone already gave it to you a little while ago, but it's the thought that counts!


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