Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Backround!

Hey Ya'll,
Your not seeing! I Have now got a new backround! Thank you to Lacey who helped me figure it out! I thank you all for commenting on my blog and I thank you all for welcoming me and making me feel welcomed here! I appreciate that very much, and I thank you all very much for just being my friend! Please Comment and let me know what you think of my new backround!
thanks so much! Signed,
Nikki :)


  1. Hey Nikki! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm always up for meeting new people:) Feel free to check out my blog whenever you want, and sure, you can add a link to my blog. Nice to meet you!

    p.s. I love your backround, it has my favorite colors!

  2. Hey Nikki,

    I left a comment on Tori's blog a while back....I have just got to ask you...I had NO CLUE that Midwesterners say "y'all"!!!! (Yes, that's how we Southerners spell it. At least, most of us. Some people spell it like you do). At any rate, I was just so surprised that I had to tell you!

    ~Rebekah in MS~


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