Friday, November 7, 2008

Sarah Palin! (In person)

Last Monday we saw Sarah Palin at Dubuque IA.
Even though we are very disappointed that They could not have one the election!
Well... we are very honored that we got to see her in person!
We stood up for 5 1/2 hours straight with nothing to eat hardly anything to drink and no going to the restroom!
It was a great experience!
We got in the second row! Right in front of Sarah Palin!!
Me Myself and I was in the front row!!!
What a great time we had!
And the best part is, nothing got taken away from us at security!
Here are some pictures of our day.
Maps,directions, and three girls who are attempting to get to Dubuque!
(none of us three are geniuses when it comes to those sort of things!)
But we made it there in one piece!

We got all decked out! We got McCain Palin stickers and put them on our shirts,Joe the plumber sticker, we bought T-Shirts and got much more!

The ticket!

They had 4 people who dressed and came as Hockey moms! Sarah pointed them out and started laughing!
The rousing crowd!
Hank Williams Jr. was there!
What a surprise! he sang the National Anthem and then sang his song McCain Palin Tradition!
Sarah tell me why do you hunt....?

...John why do you fish?
How can she look so smart and sassy say hey good lookin' dish!
Drill Baby Drill!
see how close we were?

She brought her husband Todd Palin with her!

Go Sarah Go!!

All of us got to shake Sarah Palin's hand!
This is without zooming in!
We were that close!
she even touched my sarah Palin pins and said that she liked them!
We got to shake Todd Palin's hand to!
That is my head down in the right corner!

Some old lady made this hat!
Is that not funny!!!
We got to Shake Hank Williams Jr's hand as well!

We had a great time! Really hope that she runs for president next term!
She would be GREAT!
Sarah Palin Tradition!!!!


  1. SO AWESOME!! That was such a blast! Love the pic of you and Hank! :)

  2. That's cool that you got to see Sarah Palin - pretty awesome!
    Absolutely - you can add a link to my blog. Thank you so very much and thanks for visiting! :)

  3. Wow, Nikki! You were very close! Yay-yay-yay!!

  4. Oh my gosh WOW!! YOU GOT TO HUG HANK!!! AAAAAAA THAT IS SO COOL..... Yes we did get to touch a sting ray and the water was a little deeper then I thought!! :D so YES WE DID!! Maddie

  5. Yeah, I don't care if you put a link to my blog. Go right ahead.

  6. SOOO COOL, NIKKI!!!!!!! WOW! I love Tori's and your black McCain/Palin shirts!!! Sry I haven't commented in awhile---I'm still here, but very busy!!

  7. Oh girls were sooo close! How cool. And you can put a link from our blog to yours. Olivia


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