Monday, November 3, 2008

I will....

Two little words that will change their lives forever!
My Cousin and his bride were joined together in marrige on October 25,2008!
Like father like son.

They had a Hockey wedding! It definitely wasn't a traditional wedding! But it was neat.

The Pastor who preformed the wedding ceremony. They got a Ref. shirt for him to wear.

My Cousin Heidi, with the Bride to be!

Here comes the bride!


Best Buds!

In sickness and in health....

.... Tell death do us part


They had a bus to take the wedding party on to the reception.

The proud cake cutter!!

A memory to treasure for a lifetime!
Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Brian Rittgers!
I hope you have many happy years together!
Thank you all for looking on my post and feel free to leave a Comment!
Please pray for My sister Deanna and Dad, they are in North Dakota and will return home in two weeks!
Pray that many lives will be changed and blessed during these few weeks of revival!
Thank you,
Oh... one more thing, if you can then don't forget to go out tomorrow and VOTE!!!
Every vote counts!
Go McCain & Palin 2008!!!


  1. Your cousin-in-law is pretty! And your cousin is very tall! How tall is he? We're going to a wedding this weekend. You'll probably be seeing pictures on Ab's blog! :-)

  2. Hey Nikki!
    Yes, feel free to add me to your list...I would love that!

  3. Love the new look and layout! So cute!

    Congrats, Brian and Lindsay! :D

  4. Hey Nikki, your new blog templet is way cute girlfriend!! =D luv ya Maddie.M

  5. Yeah I wish we could hane kept them to =( OH WELL!! Maddie =D


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