Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet 16.....

Today is a special day!
For today, my sister Tori turned 16 at 8:08 AM!
She is a really great sister! And I'm so blessed to have one like her!
Here are some of her things that she does that I appreciate so much about her!
She is... Loving, Caring, Always willing to challenge me to a game of pool, fun, funny (she is always coming up with her latest joke), God loving, Hockey fighting, Type of gal!
And I LOVE her for it!
(Picture of Tori before the 2008 Christmas program)
Now.... what I would like you to do, is if you would all comment and leave her a very happy Birthday I would be very thankful!!
Or send her a E-mail or E-card you can send it at, . THANK YOU!!
I will post pictures later!
I love you Tori! Happy 16TH Birthday!


  1. Happy 16th Tori!! You're only a few months younger than my sister, Beka. Hope you had a fabulous day ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! (Just turned 16 on the 17th too!)

    God Bless!


  3. Hey, I hope Tori had a lovely day! :)

  4. Oh and I have been so busy that I missed it Nikki!
    Happy Birthday Tori!!!Love Terry

  5. Thanks so much! I had a wonderful birthday! =)

  6. Hey Nikki,
    Did you get my email?


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