Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chicago pictures!

Hello everyone!
I finally got to posting about Chicago!
Here we go!
We took a train down to down town Chicago - waiting for the train to come in!
The pastors daughter - Becky came along with us! It was way fun!
Here we just got off the train - we were trying to figure out which way to go!

I don't know what building this is, but I had the idea and mom tried it! I thought it was very cool!

Here is a picture of a train so you can see what it looked like!

We ate at the "ESPN Zone" It was very neat!

There was a police officer on a horse!! We found that rather funny!
here is a taxi!
This is at the ESPN Zone!

This is from the top of the Sears tower!
That block looking thing, with the antenna things on the top? That is another block from the sears tower.

The view was terrific!

This is looking up at the Sears! You see what I mean by the block?
Heading back aboard the train! I think tori figured out that we walked around six miles that day! YIKES!
Mom & Dad with pastor Mark Else and his wife Paula.

The two ministers!
Paula and mom.
Me and a couple of my friends from the church,
Olivia and Hannah!

Tori, Becky, Deanna, and me!
Becky had just gotten there from work at the hospital.
We had a great week!
Thank you for your payers!
Dad and Tori are in Climbing Hill IA. Please pray for there services!
Thank You,


  1. Cool Nikki! I was in Chicago last May(my first time there). I went to see my friend in Wisconsin and the plane stopped at the Chicago O'Hare airport. And on the way back home, I met my dad at the airport(he was there, because he has a friend that lives in Chicago, and he was helping him remodel a bathroom. btw his friend doea woood working and remodeling and stuff like that, so, he was helping him and getting some extra money too.) and we went out for real Chicago pizza. =) Oh, and btw when we were going to get pizza, we went past the Sears tower!It was pretty cool!

  2. They're great pics, Nikki! That one your Mum took of the building was awesome!!
    You girls are all so pretty and photogenic :P


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