Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter eggs and snow!

We had a Easter egg hunt at our church.
It went pretty well!!
They said that we had a total 285 that is including the parents! So we had quite a full church!
Here are some pictures.
Mason the Easter bunny!
I met this really nice girl, Alyssa! she's a year younger than me!

They did face paint! It was really cool!



Scrambling for eggs!

Handing out more sacks!

August and Ashley.
My goofy cousin!!
Peyton and his eggs!

Pastor Pete!
Kelly, Tracy and cousin Lindsay!


Me counting my eggs. I had 145!
Alyssa had 114!!

My two great cousins,
Lindsay and Brian!
(They were married last October)!
Isn't the kid cute!

Then we had some of the most ODD weather!
We had SNOW!!!!
There was a lot of snow!
I thought this was a cool shot!
Well... That is it!
Well all talk to you later! And PLEASE COMMENT!


  1. Hey, I'm the first!! That egg hunt looked like so much fun! Were they chocolate eggs?
    Hurrah for snow! It's freezing here, too. We have the fire going and atm my feet are numb with cold; I'll have to go get some socks on them before they get frostbiten!! (slight exaggeration)

  2. Wasn't that strange weather?? So glad the snow is MELTING! Yay! =)


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