Saturday, June 13, 2009

IHA and Misc!

Hello Everyone!

I thought I'd post because, it will be my last post! ! Don't get scatterbrained! I'm just kidding!

But it will be my last post tell the 21 or the 22. Because we are leaving for Holiness camp tomorrow morning! I'm WAY excited, I seriously have X's on my calender marking down the days! (is that ridiculous or what!) we all have been looking forward to camp and when its here we are SO excited! But anyway , I thought I'd post .

Well I can't give you any pictures because are computer has been acting dumb lately and won't let me upload any pictures! So I'll write what i was going to picture!

Well Pittsburgh won the championship!!!! They are the 2009 Stanley cup CHAMPIONS! (pro hockey team league!) GO THEM! Great job guys! You DEFEATED the HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! Detroit Red Wings...... GO PITTSBURGH!!!!! If you can't tell, Detroit is our LEAST favorite team in the league! their fans also have way bad sportsmanship! Booing when someone gets hurt booing when Pittsburgh won instead of Detroit! And we just don't like the team in general! Well that takes care of the hockey season! But i will say that Detroit made a good comeback last night but it wasn't good enough! And through the playoffs I think Pittsburgh will be my new favorite team in the league for next season!

And our Black Hawks, our team in a town near by. This is no longer pro. They were beat out in the first round!

I no this is a random post but hey, it's something right?

Thank God, our garage sale went well! We are so thankful it turned out alright!

Oh and pray for Good weather at our camp please! weather in our town has been rainy for the past week or two. and I'm sick of it! we all are hoping praying, for good weather at camp!

while I'm gone, I encourage you to NOT leave my blog. Even though this might be my last post for a week or so, please take time, to go through my old posts, old pictures and fun times! until I get back. then you will get a post from IHA! And I promise it will be the 21 or the 22! I feel bad, because I've been slacking of on my blog lately, but when I get back, I'll post more often and post more pictures! I know my blog needs improvement, so please comment telling me what you would like to see posted more often on my blog. or polls or any ideas you might have! Please let me know! and even if you don't know, COMMENT ANYWAY!

Thank you and you have a wonderful week.

And please continue to pray that camp goes well!

THANK YOU! Your prayers are very much appreciated!

Goodbye for now!


Oh and PS. my pictures for the photography contest are under this post! Thank you!


  1. emailed me with what picture?

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  3. It's been raining a lot where I live too-hope it will stop before your camp!

  4. Hope you have fun at camp!!!!!!!!!


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