Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey all thought I'd post,
We got our pool up yesterday! I was excited! We have LOTS of floaties for our pool! (any floatie lovers out there?) But I jumped in the pool yesterday! It was really cold, and it probably wasn't the warmest day to swim. it was nice out. but really windy our floaties were flying everywhere! But it was eventful! Also we went to our local fair, to a talent show, that was really fun.
And the other night there was a tornado warning, they told us on the radio they thought they saw one touch down about 10 min. from our house!!! We were in the basement. and it was REALLY windy outside! When we got upstairs there were a number of limbs that were down in our yard! I'll have some pictures coming up here soon of stuff you'll just have to wait and see! So hold on tight!

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