Friday, July 3, 2009

Weather/Fathers Day/Concert :)

Well, we had some very interesting weather the other night, totally NOT fun, sirens blew, basement, really windy, thoughts that a tornado had touched down. Stuff of the sort that comes with Spring and summer that I hate!!!! Well... we got through it, and there was no tornado.
Just some limbs down and STILL very windy!! SO HERE ARE SOME PICS..... I actully took this at the concert. the weather was so beautiful outside, I took this picture.
This is a small branch

Almost half of this tree fell that night!!
Well... this is dad with his fathers day gifts!

These are us three girls, with the browns. The mother was talking so she wasn't in the picture!
We love this group!!
So there you have it!
Have a nice day, and a Wonderful,

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