Friday, December 4, 2009

Setting up the Christmas Decorations!

Merry (early) Christmas everyone!
I'm back in the blogging spirit! I've been really in the mood to post more and stuff! So..I did a lot of different stuff on my blog! And I hope you enjoy it! Be prepared to have a lot more posts ! Maybe a post a week! =)
I'm trusting you all are having a GREAT Christmas so far!
We had a lot of fun yesterday, as we started putting up all the Christmas decorations! Including the tree!
I hope you enjoy these pictures! a reminder...I LOVE COMMENTS! Haha!
Don't ask me.. lol
We had a lot of fun taking pictures!

This is our little new kitten! Boo! She is so sweet! I'll tell you more about her in the pictures down.

Boo and her 2 sisters, showed up in our garage on Halloween Eve!
All black!
They were all SOOO sweet!
We had NO CLUE where there mom was or anything!
So..we kept one, and found homes for the other 2. The other 2 kittens got to stay together.
Boo LOVES it here! She is always purring! Her and Prinny love to play together, and get along really well!
We took her to the vet probably a week to 2 weeks ago. and then they said she was 10 weeks old! so she is probably 11 or 12 weeks old! And she is perfectly healthy!
It was really strange not having Deanna there to put up the tree with us.
But we kept the ornaments off, we all have personal boxes of ornaments, that we made or bought. And we saved them so all three of us could put our boxes of ornaments on together!
Tori with her Ale 8! It is a Soda that is only sold in Kentucky, and BOY IS IT GOOD!
We took these so we could put them on Face book and on here, so Deanna could see them!


Haha! Dad did this just for fun. he knew it was upside down. I thought this was the picture that was up correctly. LOL! Oh get the point!

Boo loves boxes!


Tori and me are BIG Florida Gator fans! Go Tim Tebow!
a sticker from a branch fell off, and she cut it and put one on each side of her face, I'm guessing to look like a football player!!

Boo climbed up our tree! She was up so she was about as tall as me! I'm 5'3"!


Sisters by chance, Friends by choice.

No Comment. LOL!

I was trying to put the skirt on the tree!
Tori putting the Angel, which was on my Dad's tree when he was a boy, on top of the tree!

Our Tree! can't wait tell we get to put the ornaments up! The sign says,
"Wish you were here Deanna!"
Also, It started snowing yesterday, and has continued snowing off and on sense then! I love it! And it is sticking around as well!
Thank you for reading!
Be prepared for more posts very soon!
Feel free to comment!
God Bless you all!


  1. Dear Nikki girl -
    Your blog looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! You did such a good job making it all Christmasy looking! I love you toots!

  2. Nikki, thanks a bunch for commenting on my recent post about Xmas. I appreciate your insight and feedback-thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Looks like you all had a very fun time, Nikki =) We have our tree and decorations up, too.
    I can imagine you all miss Deanna ALOT!! it must be very odd not having her around all the time :'(
    Merry Christmas!!

    Rach xo


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