Friday, December 18, 2009

This is our Christmas Letter for 2009!! Enjoy!!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Rittgers family! For the first time ever, I (Nikki) was told, that I could write the Christmas letter this year! I’m trusting you are having a WONDERFUL Christmas season so far, as are we!
This has been a very busy year for us! Dad has continued to stay pretty busy. He has been on many revivals this year and has seen many lives changed and truly blessed! Praise the Lord!! When he is not out on the road, he does some screen printing at Karen’s Print Rite and Prosign. Dad always enjoys doing stuff with his family such as, playing games, having family devotions, and even a occasional volleyball or basketball game!
Mom also continues to stay busy! She continues to home school me and Tori, and does a great job! She really enjoys making Christmas goodies…makes the house smell so yummy!! Mom really enjoys the snow that is falling to the ground. We love going outside and building a snowman together, or going sledding as a family! Mom is a wonderful influence on us three girls!
Deanna… oh, where to begin! Deanna has been very busy lately! Last July, Deanna attended a Bible camp in West Virginia. She was a girl dorm parent! When she got home, with many prayers prayed, she decided that God wanted her to attend a college in Kentucky, Kentucky Mountain Bible College. She heard of the school through friends and some camps that she had attended. She decided to go not too long before school started. We scurried around to get things in order so that she could attend! We know it was God’s will, He worked everything out just right! She is doing very well at college! She is the piano player for the choir and has made many friends! We have enjoyed having her home for break! For part of the Thanksgiving break, she brought a young man, Paul Poe, home with her. He is a great friend of ours! He lives in IA, and, he attended the Iowa Holiness camp, which we attend yearly. He also attends KMBC and he gives Deanna rides to campus and back. He came up for part of the Thanksgiving break. While he was here, Mom and Dad gave their permission for them to start courting! So.. as you can see, Deanna is doing very well at school! With God, anything is possible! He worked everything out so perfectly!
Tori has been doing well! She has taken over a lot of Deanna’s responsibilities. And has started taking piano lessons again with me! She also is now a fan of the Florida Gator football team! So now, she has to keep up with not only the Black Hawks but the Gators!! She also is still rooting for her Waterloo Black Hawks! We still have season tickets, and she really enjoys watching them play! She recently bought a Waterloo Black Hawks jersey to wear to the game. She had her favorite players name and number put on the back. It looks like a game worn jersey! Tori also got her driver’s permit this year so watch out! She continues to suffer from middle -child syndrome! I’m sure many of you who are a middle child know what she is talking about! She adds a little more humor into the household with her jokes, and occasional “Rants.” : )
Now me.. I’m doing good! Staying pretty busy! I continue to like hockey as well as going to some Volleyball and Basketball games. I’m in this year’s Christmas program and enjoy going over my lines and working on the songs. I play the commentator, Karen Kline! I also enjoy cooking, and playing a good ol’ game of Scrabble, or Stratego! I’m always up for the challenge! I also still enjoy playing the piano and taking lessons!
We also added a new addition to our family which I’m very happy about! We got a new little black kitten named Boo! 3 black kittens showed up in our garage the day before Halloween. We found homes for two of them and kept one! She is so sweet! And we love her! Prinny and Boo love to play together they are so funny! Now if she would just stay out of our tree!! : )
So that is what has been going on in the Rittgers’ household! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year! Please take some time to remember the true meaning of Christmas this season!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Del, Chris, Deanna, Tori and Nikki =)

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  1. Thanks for posting y'all's Christmas letter, Nikki! You did a GREAT job writing it! It was so much fun to read!


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