Friday, January 15, 2010

In my post today, I feel to help make this blog a bigger success, we are going to do a "Questionnaire!" = ) What I'm going to do, is I want as many people that would, I want you to comment, and ask any question(s) about me, and my faith, and what I believe, so that when I post, you know more about where I'm coming from. you may ask as many questions as you want! (What is my opinion on...) Or whatever you like! I will answer your questions, in the next post. also , i'm drawing a blank, on possibly a series, that I could write and post. Do you all have anything that you want me to post about? Or do a series on? Let me know! I will think about it, and work on it. And do it! = ) Ask away!!! This is for my Blog on ...Righteous... if you have any questions, please go there and comment. Here is the link, ...Righteous...


  1. hi nikki! your blog brought a big smile to my face, as i was just blog hoppin' around tonight, looking for interesting blogs! i found yours and i thought, boy her folks must be very proud of her! not too many 11 yr olds professing Christ, and you do it with such joy... thats why i had to stop and say hi!
    i too am a Christian, but unlike you, i am not young, im a grandma!! :) but i blog, check out my soap blog sometime.. i love making soap! anyway, i have 2 daughters whom i home taught.. one is married with 2 adorable sons (tyler is 2 and rhyder is 4 mos! .. he just had heart surgery.. but God is awesome, and rhyder is fantastic! healing well and happy as can be) anyway, my other daughter is a missionary in San Francisco, with a group called YWAM Youth With A Mission. she is actually in Thailand right now! she also has a blog.. so that's pretty much it. look me up on facebook christine vella barr. there you can see my family and the grandbabies.. God bless you and thanks for brightening up my evening!!
    in Christ, Christine Barr

  2. Hey Nikki! When are you gonna tell us whator who the clay people are?


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