Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Missouri Valley...

I returned home from Missouri Valley Ia. last Monday. And after that I was planning to go to Rockford Illinois the next Saturday, well.... we had just left and I got sick and we had to go home to drop me off. I didn't like not being able to go! I had been looking forward to going for so long! But I'm thankful I got to go to Missouri Valley.Well I have recovered and Dad and Tori will be home tomorrow. So thought I would post and let you know about are trip to Missouri Valley!
well ENJOY! About half-way after we left dad was thinking and he remembered that he forgot his ties!
He hadn't forgot something for quite a lot of years! Here we are at walmart in Missouri Valley
while dad is getting ties we had many laughs while we were in Missouri Valley and met very nice people! Made many memories!
At the Union Pacific Museum,Abraham Lincoln's original furniture from his funeral cart on a train.

George H. Bush's train cart that he gave his nomination speech on.
Like father like daughter.
Bass pro shop in Council Bluffs Ia.
The Bass pro's neat lights
I thought this was a neat picture

Kayaks!!!We stayed at some peoples house and they had a ridiculously high bed I'm being serious when I say it was it least 4 feet tall! Even dad had to hop to get on it! I had steps that I used to get onto the bed!

Is it not huge!

Mallory, these peoples 17 or 18 year old daughter decked our room out in Nebraska huskers football! My dad hates Nebraska he likes Iowa State! Well... as you can see not all God's children like Iowa State! It was really funny and a great joke!
I accidentally cut off some of the letters it says, GOTTA HATE IOWA STATE!

Dad always says, "we are going to make it" during his sermons, which means we are going to make it to heaven.
She really decked it out!

My good friend Courtney! she is one of the daughters of the people we stayed with!
Ryanna,Hannah,Sarah, and me.
My GREAT friends that I hung out with while we were at Missouri Valley!

Courtney,Hannah,Ryanna,and Sarah.
Kris and Marlyn
the very nice people who opened their home to us while we stayed in Missouri Valley!
Thank you Kris and Marlyn for opening your home to us! We had a great time in Missouri Valley, and we thank the pastor and his wife for giving us the opportunity to come to Missouri Valley and to share the Gospel with others! Thank you,
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  1. Hey Nikki love the picture's, the picture's on my blog most of them are taken at our house and the first one is in the bue ridge mountains! F-U-N Maddie.M

  2. SOme great pictures! It looks like you all had a lot of fun!

  3. We're glad to have you home, Nikki!Love you!

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun Nikki

  5. Hi Nikki!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I hope you come to visit again soon! I like having readers!
    Looks like you had a great trip!!


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