Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Greetings!!

A few days ago we put up our Christmas decorations!!
I love Christmas!
And then last night we put up our tree!
We lost our tree in the flood, so our Grandparents
gave us there tree!
Thank you G'pa and G'ma!!!
We Love you!!!!!
All of our stockings the little one in the middle is my Gerbil's Sammy!
We have tons of snow here!
It is so nice!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!!!!!!

They just re-roofed our home and they forgot to put the eaves back up!
So there was quite alot of snow that formed on there!
The snow that formed on our house!
Like mother like daughter!!
Tori being weird as usual !
Me eating a icicle that I broke off the house!

Putting up decorations!
Not even all our decorations!!

Tori pouring her a cup of Cappuccino.

Thursday night!
When we put up our tree!
Me making cookies while I sing to music!
The angel on the top of our tree!
That was the angel dad had on his tree when he was a little boy!!

It is a tradition that every Christmas we make a Nativity piece to add to our homemade Nativity!
The wise man on the left, the tall one that has green on??
Mom made that one!
Other than that this is Tori's Nativity!
Deanna's Nativity!

My Nativity!
I made most of those when I was like three and four so they are really colorful!
Every Christmas we try to see who was the cutest , well we all think we were the cutest!
Well I put all of Deanna's baby pictures and other pictures of herself in the back of the tree!!
I was telling mom not to tell Deanna that I hid them!!
Hanging on my ornaments, or hiding Deanna's??

Ho, Ho, Ho, who is THIS Santa Claus??
Me proudly holding up my ornament!
We always laugh at some of Deanna's ornaments, because she has some pretty funny ones like these two!!
Don't ask me about the face expression??
I have no clue what she is doing!
Tori's ornaments!

Tori and mom drinking there ornament shaped coke!
They wanted Deanna to take a picture of them drinking it, and they ended up drinking to much and started coughing!
It was really funny!
Kinda a "be there at the moment experience!"
Me trying to put the skirt on the tree!

We are FAMILY!
Good Times!

Deanna was in a really odd mood!
She was really funny!
But very odd!
But we all agreed we would rather her act kinda odd than grouchy!

Grandma's killer fruit cake!
It's a song on a CD.

Deanna is in a really odd mood if I can sit on her back!! Prinny our little elf!!
We thought we should just leave the tree like this!
The presents will be easier to get to then!

Have a merry Christmas!!
Remember the true meaning though!
We have been having colds going around in this household please pray that we can get over them!
Pray for our Christmas program on the 14th!
And pray for our Christmas party tonight!
Deanna teaches the teens and pre-teens and we our having a Christmas party for that class tonight!
Pray that it all goes well!
And last but not least,
Pray for the flood victims, as some still have water in there house!
Many people need to get done by winter!
Which here it has already come!
Pray that through the flood many lives will be changed for the better!
Thank you!
And God Bless,


  1. TOO funny, NIkki! Just hilarious!! Thanks for the laughs, and hope you get over your colds and that the parties and all go okay!

  2. Hey Nikki!
    Thanks so much for the comment. And yes, of course you can add me! You'll be the first one to follow my blog! Can I add you to my friends then as well?
    It's great to hear you so deep in your faith and I'm sure you'll make a great pastor!
    God Bless ya!

    Emma <3

  3. We put up our Christmas tree today and decorate tomorrow! I can't wait.

  4. Cute pictures! My family and I put up our Christmas tree almost a week ago. I think it's neat you guys all have your own ornaments and everything. We bought all new Christmas decorations this year, and I had a bunch of fun picking them out ;) Especially the snowmen ones. Hope you guys get over your cold soon!

  5. That was so much fun! That was so hilarious when mom and I had problems with our pop! Too funny!

  6. Hello Nikki!!

    I would also be dreaming of a white Christmas if we had snow here ;) I really enjoy reading your blog, as well as your sisters!

    Rach, from Rachael's Notes.

  7. That's a great collection of cool photos!

    I have really enjoyed looking at your's and Tori's blogs, just beautiful : )

    Love Jess


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