Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Picture Happy,

Hello everyone,
This post has a lot of pictures, But I am way behind in posting!
We have had so much going on!
Here are some pictures of the Christmas Program and our trip to Indiana!
Have fun!
I had to post this picture of our CHRISTmas tree!
I thought it was really pretty!
Can you believe it is so close to CHRISTmas!
The Christmas program,
Aubrie, Olivia and August.

I played Buffy the modern day angel and Tori played Peggy Sue the angel of the past!
The program was based off of the original Christmas Carol.
The 4 angels, Emma played the future angel, Ashley played kinda all of the angels put together, if that makes sense, she was the main angel, Tori, and I.
Aubrie was so cute, she played Mary.
Buffy, A.k.a. me!
All three of us girls,
Deanna played the choir director!
Peggy Sue, A.k.A. Tori!
Deanna putting lipstick on Tori!
Tori looked so cute when she was done!
Greeting the cast after the program!

Evangelist gathering, it was so cold on the way home!
Tori forgot her hat so she was wearing a scarf around her head!
The place we stayed at is a really big Amish community!
Here, they all came in to eat and they put all of there hats and coats on the rack!
There was a buggy on the hitching post in the motel parking lot!
We thought this sign was really funny!
It was raining really hard, and the electricity went out!
We ate in the dark with one candle on our table!
Mom and Dad!
Me holding up my wreath that is made out of a balloon! someone there made one for me!
Us with some of our Evangelist friends Jimmy Dell and his wife!
Me with my dear friends the Raeburns!
I highly recommend them!
Here is there website address,
(They are really good at making anything out of balloons!)

It was so much fun!
Wish you all a merry CHRISTmas!
I will be posting again soon!


  1. Looks like you had alot of fun! Are you getting excited about Christmas?

  2. My outfit was very fun...but I'm glad it's over!

    Evangelist's Gathering was so much fun! We can't wait until next year!

  3. with the snow men what was really funny was that as we were going down the road one of there smiles fell off and the other one was still smiling it was funny! Maddie.M

  4. Aw! These pictures are so cute!
    And it looked like at a lot of fun!
    I can't wait til Christmas!!!!


  5. Thanks for letting me know, Nikki.
    It probably wasn't working because I had published the post and I realised something was wrong with it so saved it as a draft to fix later. I have published it now, but unfortunately the prob. isn't fixed :(


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