Friday, December 12, 2008

Rittgers Up-date!

I'm sorry one and all - I'm sure my blog has been seeming like a dud lately.

Well, Sasha and I have been working to get my blog spruced up! So....she and I have been e-mailing. She and I are working to find some neat backgrounds and some other things that will really make this blog fun!

Anyways, we returned home from Indiana Evangelist Gathering on Wednesday and had a wonderful time! I will be posting pictures of that ASAP!

We have been so busy lately! Tomorrow we have a really long Christmas program practice! It is scheduled from 1:00 to 4:30 but we are behind so she said that it might even be longer! *shrug* The program is this Sunday! AHHH! Please pray that all goes well! I play Buffy the Angel...the modern day angel! We have been practicing since October and it seems sometimes like a never ending process! It should go fine though! But all of us would please ask for your prayers! They would be much appreciated!

I have started writing a novel. I'm going to try so hard to stick with it! I normally get a beginning started but two words I haven't ever got to is 'The End'! Pray that I will be able to go and get it done! It won't be a really long novel - not near as long as Arianna at Random Thoughts is! But who knows - maybe I'll get writing happy, you never know!

I'm anxiously waiting for Christmas to arrive! I love CHRISTmas!!! Every day I count down the days until Christmas!

I love all the decorations, goodies, setting up the tree, watching Christmas movies, getting and sending out Christmas cards, setting up the tree, all the curiousity, the smell of freshly baked cookies, singing Christmas carols, the Christmas play, etc.....I love Christmas but sometimes it is hard to concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas! But just remember the true gift of Christmas was a baby...JESUS! Christ is born! ALLELUIA!! What do you folks normally do for Christmas?? Are there any traditions that you are like "it's a tradition! We have to do that!" I do! What is your favorite part of Christmas (besides Jesus)?? The goodies? The decorations? The caroling? Tell me! We all make homemade Nativity sets - each of us girls make a piece to add to our little Nativity set! It is really fun! I love it! I want to go sledding so bad! I love sledding and making snowmen! Do any other people like building snowmen?? Or as some people would say Sand Man? LOL. Sledding and making a snow man isn't just for kids! Grown-ups do it too!

We have so much snow it is not even funny! I'm like so dreaming of a white Christmas!
I love white fluffy snow! Until it starts to melt and you are like this snow is really yucky! It is like slush and it is disgusting!!!!!! But for the time being it is really pretty!

Our family of course has been going to our annual weekend hockey game! It is way fun! As we all go in our gear to cheer on our Black Hawks! It takes up most of our weekends but we don't mind! My blog is going to be (hopefully) all in hockey! Let me describe what my header means. A powerplay is an attempt to score by a team which has a numerical advantage in players due to a penalty or penalties. (The description was taken from the program from our hockey games!)Make sense?? So....maybe from that you can get what my header means, Powerplay 4 Him! But we love hockey! It is by far my favorite sport!

Pet-wise we have a dog, Princess (A.K.A Prinny), and a gerbil Samantha (A.K.A Sammy)! They are also a big part of our life!

Well.....I hope I haven't bored you too much! I will have pictures from Indiana up soon! The motel rooms were so cool!

Have a Merry CHRISTmas! And like I said earlier, remember the true meaning of Christmas this year! Every day is a gift from God - that is why they call it the present!

I wish you all a very joyous Happy and a Merry Christmas!

Keep checking out my blog for the grand revealing of a totally different blog!

God Bless,


  1. No we didn't see the statue of liberty, we were in a different part of the city. I love looking at all the Christmas lights, getting letters/cards/pictures of people, and listening to Christmas music, among others.

  2. I was jsut wondering, Nikki, how to put that 'Playlist' thing on my blog? It would be great if you or Tori had an explanation :)

  3. I love snow too, until it gets all gross! I used to live in NYC, and the snow was nasty all the time. But now that I live out in the country, it's actually pretty ;)
    Good luck on your novel! I have the worst time sticking with a story, and finally penning 'the end', too. I tend to start out with a story, write it half-way through, get stuck, and start another story. LOL.
    If you're totally stuck, and can't get any ideas, you could try going to this website, !

  4. Hey Nikki!
    Sounds like you're having fun! We actually got a couple of snow flurries down here the other day, which happens "once in a blue moon" (almost never)!!
    Here's one of our Christmas traditions....we have several families from our church over for a candlelight Christmas Eve service. One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting cards/letters from old friends and listening to Christmas music.
    Merry CHRISTmas!!

  5. Hey Nikki ;) I just posted some pictures of my dog, so now you can see what she looks like!


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