Monday, April 27, 2009

Tornado warnings. PLEASE READ!

Well.... It all started.... Yesterday,
Yesterday We had quite the experience at church!! !!
I was frightened to death!
Sunday night we go to church. We live in the old parsonage of the church so we are right next door. So... We walk over to church and it is raining. It had been pouring, thundering,lightning, and windy basically non-stop all day! Well... I got to church and my friend tells me we are in a tornado watch(later I found out it was actually a warning!). I didn't think much about it. Then Pastor came to the pulpit and said, "If the sirens were to go off, we need to head out through the choir doors and down into the choir room. That is the safest place to be,'cause its underground." Well.... then I started to get a little nervous. Sure enough while pastor was praying for the offering, the sirens went off. Pastor didn't hear them at first, but I did and got up and went to the back to mom and asked her if we could go home! Yeah I know it sounds dumb, but remember we only live next door. I wanted to get home, not only would I feel better, but we could get our pets to the basement too. She said, "No we are going to the basement here." So we walked through the choir doors and down the steep stairs. I took a glimpse outside, thinking Who knows?? It might be our last!! Well... we got downstairs, said a prayer, and we all sang Jesus Loves Me. Then we hung in tight. Someone who was watching upstairs said it was absolutely down-pouring! A friend was getting calls on her cellphone and said in a town nearby a tornado had just touched down!!
Yeah that got my heart rate up a little bit! Well... then she got another call saying that in another town close by it was pitch black, hailing, and VERY WINDY!!! So there we sat! Pastor said that once the storm passed he suggested that we all go home. He wasn't going to be preaching tonight. So everyone waited. Then after we had been downstairs for about 20-30 minutes, the weather radio said that the warning would expire in a few minutes.
We decided it was good enough to run home! A lot of people came up to look out the doors to see if they wanted to venture out in this! We were also in a flash flood warning and the front sidewalk was full with water and mud! Quite the combination huh? So I put a plastic sack on my head and we ventured out. Once we walked out it started raining pretty hard again. So... we ran down the ramp and tried to scurry home as fast as we could. When we got in we were all VERY WET!! We got inside and turned the news on. It said another tornado touched down in Wisconsin and many other places. But we were going to be fine! The warning was over and the tornado in the nearby town went the other direction!! PRAISE THE LORD! So we got in some dry clothes and played a game!
It felt like something you would see in a movie or something! So that was the extent of our evening!
Please be praying for the people who did have damage from the recent tornadoes.
Also, please continue to pray for Dad and Tori who are in Eldorado Springs, MO. Thank you!


  1. Wow, sounds like you had fun!

    Down here in Arkansas, we had a tornado come through two years ago. That was pretty scary...


  2. Wow! Sounds scary!

    Love you and can't wait to see you guys on Thursday! =)

  3. WOW I agree it sounds like you had a lot of fun!!! lol

  4. Hey
    You left a comment on my blog so I stopped by to check your blog out. That is crazy. I probably would be freaked out. We have had a couple tornado warnings in our area a few years ago and I actually saw one of the tornadoes. We were not ever in any danger though one, because it was so small, and two, it only touched down for like a second. A really frightening weather experience was when we had flood warnings about two years ago. We live about 4 miles from part of a major river in Ca and it had been raining for about a week straight. So, there are these huge levees around it because there have been two Major floods in our town before, anyways the water was like a foot below the top. For about 3 or 4 days, we were on edge thinking it was going to flood, but thank God it never did, and it took a couple of weeks to go back to the normal level though. ; )

    Anyways, thanks for commenting. Maybe I will hear from you again. TTYL.

  5. Whew!! I'm glad we don't have tornadoes down here! But, we have hurricanes...thankfully no big ones since Katrina, but the threat is there all the same! At least we have warning, though; I can't imagine tornadoes coming up so suddenly as they do!

  6. I'm sure that was so scary for you! Once there was a Tordado warning here and I was almost 9 months pregnant and my husband was out of town. It was pouring and hailing and so windy and he said if it go too bad to go into the tub and sit there in the bathroom. I was TERRIFIED! Thank God nothing ever happened though!

  7. I'm glad your family is O.K.!


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