Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hey all my blogging buddies!
Me and my family are going to Goodland Kansas which is right next to the Colorado boarder.
And Today was a very busy day with, packing, cleaning,taking are dog to our Grandparents house while we are gone, and many many more! Today I got some snapshots to show you guys! So enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!
My suitcase just half full!
Tori posting on her blog!
The Vice president debate was on tonight if you can't tell we are all for McCain / Palin!!
My Weird mother taped signs to are TV. and back door!
Suitcases Galore!

I thought this was pretty creative!

Do you know what these are?
don't look at the answer yet but they are..
This is my darling little Gerbil named Samantha (Sammy)
Making a list

Smile! :)
Moms shoes by some hangers. Ha Ha I was trying to be creative!
please pray that lives will be changed and that God blesses this revival!

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