Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Once Again!

Hello everyone,
We Got back from Goodland Kansas on Friday and I now thought it was about time for me to post about it! We had many Funny adventures! Like Tori's hem coming out of her pants 15 minutes before church starts,
Walking in a Chinese restaurant when we didn't know it was Chinese, (three of us including me don't like Chinese!)
And many many more exciting memories that We say We didn't want to make.
Well anyway here are some pictures!
Enjoy!! *Smile*

Us three standing in front of the church!
A HUGE Replica of a Vincent van Gogh painting!

The welcome center in Colorado.


The High Plains Museum
The Dwight Eisenhower Museum and Library!
One of the graves of the Eisenhower's!

His boyhood home!
Welcome to the Eisenhower's place!

Singing in a church service in Goodland Kansas.
A picture of us and some people at the church!
Us with pastor Bob and Theresa!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I will be leaving for Missouri Valley IA. this Thursday and will be back on Monday! I'm not sure if dad is bringing his laptop or not, but if he is I will be sure to look at your guy's blog! I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and please keep me and my dad in your prayers as we go to Missouri Valley!
Thank you ,
God bless you guys, and it is great to be back home back to my computer! LOL.
Thank you again,


  1. I LOVE Chinese, Nikki!!! Welcome back home!

  2. I don't like Chinese either. :) So fun to see all the pictures! Looks like you had fun.

  3. It sure was a great trip! Yeah, it sure was a problem when my hem came undone!

  4. Fun, fun! :D I like that one house too! When are you moving? ;) lol


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